Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Controversial views on a picture book

Have recently discovered that views can really be diverse.

You may have come across books written by Babette Cole. Cole's characteristic wacky humor is very prominent in both text and art. One of her trademark characterstic is poking fun on real life subjects; often a bit rude and off the wall.

For "Mummy Never Told Me", publishers had reviewed it as humorous and deals with realistic issues --- which is not unexpected. However, if you have a chance to browse the book, you will either be 'mad' with the inaccurate review or 'rave' about this fantastic book.

There are questions like 'Why do old men have hair on their ears but not their heads!' - humourous question for kids to think about ....... 'Why must I go to school when mummy was expelled from hers?' - appropriate question for adults to ponder ........'Why women prefer to fall in love with other women...and some men with other men?' taboo question that went too far?

Everyone is entitled to his/her own opinions. This short description cannot do justice to the book. This is a picture book! Go to the library shelves and check it out for yourself. Just make sure you do not buy this book as a gift for just anyone! Review it before deciding if you'd read it to your kids over a bedtime drink and a biscuit.

You are most welcome to post your comments here too!!