Tuesday, November 08, 2005

A YP Book

Read the book "The Devil's Footsteps" by E.E. Richardson recently. The plot is simple but the conventional use of a sinister, oft-repeated rhyme and haunted house did bring shivers down the spine. Personally, I think the theme is very suitable for young adults (and adults), especially reluctant reader who likes scary movie.

Even though I am not much into supernatural and horror stories, I was captivated after the first few pages. I actually want to continue reading - to discover all the dark, mysterious places and mythical history of the town described.

As the story unfolds, the question of fear, evil and death was articulated by the 15 years old protagonist, Bryan. Together with two other boys, they risk their lives to find and destroy the mysterious power that haunt their community.

This is a good read for someone who is too busy for thick novels. This book is less than 200 pages, well laid out and definitely a page turner.

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