Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Found out that many of my friends who are parents do not know anything about children e-books. My first exposure to e-books is Tumblebooks via NLB's eResources. I was not very impressed at that point in time as it requires much effort to register and login. By the time I was at the first book, I have decided to check it out another time which I never did. : (

When I next encounter Tumblebooks, I was at NYPL children's site. I had a great time clicking on some of the books : ) !! Here's the link :-

If you have come across any other great sites for children e-books, do let me know. Would like more people to enjoy them.

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Ivan Chew said...

If anyone's interested, I've posted some instructions and screenshots on accessing Tumblebooks via NLB website.

BTW, Novelet -- since your said you'd like to hear from librarians who read YA books, I recently read Patrick Jones' "Nailed" (a review of sorts is posted here). Maybe you'd like to review it here. :)