Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Something Different

I read this book called Zoo, by Graham Marks who happens to be married to another author called Nadia Marks, who by the way, as i meander along, wrote a chick-lit title Bitter Sweet. The interesting things about Zoo is that the author took the trouble to go to US to do his research even though he is British. Probably not a new concept but when i read the novel it didn't come as coming from a British author as there was a great deal of American in it.
The story starts with a kidnapping of a boy called Cam but as he soon discovers, the kidnapping was the real beginning of his life for he discovers horrific details of how he came about, about his life which has been a lie. Almost akin to Maximum Ride by James Patterson but different in many ways. I don't like giving the story away but it was gripping and it makes you think that about the saying that things are not what they seem. Many things are a facade and the true picture manifests when the person or thing or situation is under stress.

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